Printable ASVAB Practice Tests

The free ASVAB practice tests listed below are printable versions of our online ASVAB practice tests. If you’d like to take the online tests, visit our Free ASVAB Practice Tests page. Our free printable ASVAB practice tests are in PDF format. You must have a PDF reader program such as Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view and print the test. Adobe Reader is a free program that you can download from


The printable ASVAB practice test will open in a new window. Print the test and answer sheet using your browser or computer’s print function. For most versions of Windows, you can print using CTRL + P. For most Mac users try Command P. After you print the test and answer sheet, close the second window. You’ll still be on this page. You can then print more practice tests.

We offer two different versions of each test. The level of difficulty for each test is the same, but the questions are different. For maximum practice, we recommend printing both versions of each test.

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